About CSUR

The Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources (CSUR) is a not-for-profit society, registered in the Province of Alberta since 2002. The organization has been extremely active in encouraging the responsible development of our country's unconventional hydrocarbon resources, focusing on: Shale Gas, Light Tight Oil, Gas Hydrates, Natural Gas from Coal, Tight Gas Sands and Carbonates. CSUR provides information about these unconventional resource sources and strives to increase communication between the industry and the provincial and federal governments, stakeholders and First Nations.

To help increase awareness about unconventional resources, CSUR offers presentations at open houses, luncheons, forums, workshops, field trips and conferences, all of which are often technical in nature. In addition, the organization develops materials for a wider audience, with an emphasis on the importance of the unconventional resource industry, its history, operations and best practices.


The roots of CSUR can be traced back to 1992 and the creation of the “Canadian CoalbedMethane Forum”, a loose association of corporations and individuals interested in coalbed methane (CBM) resources in Canada. The forum was active for over 10 years and created an Annual Coalbed Methane Conference to collaborate with peers and to
discuss needed technology and research to aid in the development of the resource. In the year 2001, as membership in the forum continued to grow and the oil and gas industry was achieving successful development of the Horseshoe Canyon CBM resource play, it became apparent that the Forum needed to become a more formal entity in
order to effectively provide more broad-based information sharing relating to resource potential and technology development.

In April 2002, the Canadian Society for Unconventional Gas (CSUG - now CSUR) was formed as a recognized, formal non-profit society registered in the Province of Alberta. The Society was created to support the exploration and development of Canadian natural gas from unconventional sources including, Coalbed Methane (CBM), Tight Gas,
Natural Gas from Shale (Shale Gas), and Gas Hydrates.
In October of 2011, we changed our name to the Canadian Society for UnconventionalResources (CSUR) to better reflect the broadening mandate of the Society to include Tight Oil.


Governance Structure

The Society is comprised of a volunteer working Board of Directors with support from: a Society President, an Executive Vice President,  a Special Projects Manager, a Senior Communications Advisor, with part-time Administrative and Accounting personnel. The Board is also supported by the work of several committees and sub-committees.


To facilitate the factual and collaborative exchange of technical information relating to the exploration and development of Canada's unconventional hydrocarbon resources.


Become the leading technical voice for unconventional resources in Canada.


These core values and behaviours will contribute to CSUR’s success:

  • Responsibility – from our Society and members in their operations and the impacts that these operations have on all stakeholders.
  • Integrity – in our duties and operations displayed by espousing and actualizing best practices.
  • Collaborate – with all stakeholders to ensure that impacts and priorities of all groups are understood and taken into consideration.
  • Inclusive – in our outlook and the gathering of data and concerns that will impact the industry.